Emily Harburg, Ph.D.

Hi there! I am passionate about building tech to foster connectedness, self-efficacy, and support. I’m the CEO and Founder of PairUp, a digital mentorship platform. I’ve worked at Disney, Facebook, and EF. I also co-founded Brave Initiatives, Youth Lead the Change, and Thoughtlucks. I received my Ph.D. in Technology & Social Behavior from Northwestern, and B.A. in Psychology from Harvard. I enjoy spending time outside and in community. Thanks for being here!

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” (Matt Mullenweg)


My research at Disney focused on technology to support decision making, queuing behavior, and delight.
PairUp is a B2B SaaS platform focused on helping provide mentorship and social support for staff.
My work at Facebook focused on improving the self-efficacy of small business owners using Facebook.
My work at EF focused on building technology for self-reflection and global exploration.
Brave is on a mission to build a better world with code. We run coding camps to help women build self-efficacy in coding. We are focused on helping more women pursue careers in STEM.
My research at Harvard and Northwestern focused on the intersection of technology and social behavior.

Media & Speaking