I design and research tools to improve motivation, self-efficacy, and performance.

Recent Research Publications:

  • Harburg, E., Rees Lewis, D., Easterday, M., Gerber. E. CheerOn: An Online Social Support System for Project-Based Learning Teams, TOCHI ACM 2018.
  • Harburg, E., Greenberg, M., Hui, J., Gerber, E. Understanding the Effects of Crowdfunding on Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy, CSCW 2015, Vancouver.
  • Harburg, E., Kim, Y., Gerber, E., Zhang, H. CrowdFound: A Mobile Crowdsourcing System to Find Lost Items On-the-Go”, CHI WIP 2016, Korea.
  • Rees Lewis, D., Easterday, M., Harburg, E., Gerber. E., and Riesbeck C. Overcoming barriers between volunteer professionals advising project-based learning teams with regulation tools. British Journal of Educational Technology, 2017
  • Obiorah, M.; Harburg, E.; Franklin, J.; Downs, B.; Ye, S.; Bos, M.; Horn, M. JumpGym: A Jumping Exergame for Waiting Areas, Games Learning & Society 2016.
  • Kim, Y; Harburg, E; Shaw, A; Azria, S; Gerber, E.; Gergle, D.; Zhang, H. Studying the Effects of Task Notification Policies on Participation and Outcomes in On-the-go Crowdsourcing, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence 2016.
  • Kim, Y; Harburg, E; Shaw, A; Gerber, E., Zhang, H.  Enabling Physical Crowdsourcing On-the-Go with Context-sensitive Notifications, HCOMP 2015.
  • Rees Lewis, D., Harburg, E., Easterday, M., and Gerber. E. Building Support Tools to Connect Novice Designers with Professional Coaches. The Proceedings of Creativity and Cognition, ACM Press, 2015
  • Edmondson, Amy C., Ager, David L., Harburg, Emily and Bartlett, Natalie. “Teaming at Disney Animation.” Harvard Business School Case 615-023, August 2014.
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